Helping managers and leaders cultivate a Productive, Engaged & Stress Free Workplace

CliftonStrengths is a powerful assessment and coaching method that empowers people to understand where they are naturally talented and...

• Have improved communication with clients, managers, and teams.

• Be more confident in interviews by clearly expressing your strengths and contributions.

• Focus on what you love doing as an Entrepreneur and do less of the things that drain you.  


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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a powerful assessment tool that helps people understand their personality type and can help to:
• Avoid and resolve conflicts. 
• Enable self-understanding and helps to reduce stress and improve relationships with others.
• Aid career development.
• Provide managers with the understanding to give constructive and productive feedback.
• Work together more effectively.
• Improve communication skills.

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Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

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Chrysta Bairre, Founder & CEO, She Goes high

"Elizabeth facilitated an excellent CliftonStrengths session at the She Goes High Retreat! Many of our Retreat attendees raved about the session and how much they enjoyed learning more about themselves through the lens of their strengths instead of focusing on the areas that need improvement. One attendee shared that she always thought of one of her strengths as a deficit prior to Elizabeth's session, and now she sees how it's really a superpower! Elizabeth's facilitation used a great tool, CliftonStrengths, and made it accessible and actionable for our attendees." 

"She sees her strengths as her superpower."

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